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ClayPaws® Kits

ClayPaws® Kits are a convenient way to make lasting keepsakes of pets' paws, hooves, or claws. Welcome new patients to your clinic or memorialize pets who have died with ClayPaws®, the original paw print kit™.  Learn more about ClayPaws® Kits in our About ClayPaws® Kits section.

Each ClayPaws® Kit includes one patty of specially-formulated modeling compound in Original White, Soft White, or Terra Cotta clay. Kits also include plastic storage bags and instructional inserts.  To help decide which clay is right for you, click here. Note: clay must be kneaded before print-making and then baked to make the impression permanent.

To read about why it is helpful to encourage clients to keep linking objects as a way to cope with their grief, click here.

Stephen J. Withrow, DVM, Flint Animal Cancer Center, Stuart Chair in Oncology, Colorado State University says...

“My team has made paw prints for my clients for over 20 years and feel that the kits are a simple and convenient way to provide a lasting memento for a pet owner upon the loss of their animal. Many owners have commented that receiving a paw print added a personal touch to the sometimes impersonal process of their pet’s death. It’s one more way we, as veterinarians, can express empathy at a difficult time."