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Preparing Your Clients for Pet Loss

Preparing clients to face pet loss can be time-consuming and stressful. We created our Pet Parents Referral website to help you help clients. Learn more...


Compassionate end-of-life care for pets and people is the heart of your practice. Our practice tools, like ClayPaws®, the original paw print kit™, help you reach out to clients with heartfelt support.

And, if "being there" for others results in compassion fatigue, our Veterinary Wisdom® Resource Center is there for you. Articles for your practice team and a monthly newsletter packed with resources for clients support the difficult, but rewarding work you do. Sign up at the left or the bottom of this page!

Monthly Feature

What's New on the Web?

Add meaning, sparkle and color to your client's ClayPaws® prints with our new Gemstone Charms. They can also be used as birthstones!

Discover the bond-centered symbolism behind each Gemstone and share it with your clients using our new handout.  Click here...